Mia Brent

Operations Manager

Mia Brent is the Operations Manager for DMAC Capital Funding, LLC. At the age of 18, she worked as a Financial Manager of an Ace Hardware, managing a $10,000-a-day safe box for the store. Mia also served as the lead supervisor at Great Western Bank and at Weyerhaeuser Mortgage Company. Her passion for caring for others led her become an RN and work with children in the areas of PICU. While working in the nursing field, it became apparent that she is a natural born leader.

In 2002, Mia transitioned over to the management side of nursing working in the Hospice field. She was promoted to Quality Control Manager of one of the largest hospice companies, Odyssey Hospice, at the age of 26. While in Houston, she opened her own business First Choice Nursing Home Health and ran the Houston division of Choice Source Therapeutics, a division of Caremark.  Her previous role as the administrator of All Star Hospice had her overseeing all operations, from sales and marketing to administrative and accounting. Although she has a nursing degree, she has always been on the business side of healthcare, helping companies to run more cost-efficiently.

Her skills include the ability to help companies become more profitable by implementing and improving processes to help yield better financial return. She holds the strong belief that building lasting and caring relationships is one of the keys to financial success.