Residential, Multifamily and Commercial Real Estate Investing is the core of DMAC Capital Funding's Business, along with short term bridge lending.

DMAC Capital provides secure and transparent investments for real estate investors and borrowers. Our team’s 30+ years of experience in real estate, investing, finance, construction, and development allows us to help clients achieve their personal and financial goals.  Whether their aim is to secure capital to execute a real estate project or to receive attractive risk-adverse returns on their investable capital, we are here to provide the vehicles to help them accomplish their mission.




Originated and Funded Loans


Sold in Real Estate


Apartment Units Owned and Managed


From the Ground Up Real Estate Built





10 – 20%

Average Annualized Returns

Management Team

DMAC Capital Funding’s seasoned management team possesses deeply-rooted expert experience in the areas of  Real Estate Investing, Sales/Marketing, Mortgage Lending, Development and construction. The principals have over 30 years of experience and building relationships with financial Leaders, institutional and high-net-worth investors nationwide. Our experience in all of these key areas of Real Estate investing allows DMAC Capital Funding to provide a risk adverse business model.

Danny Mckinney


Mckinney has been an entrepreneur for over 33 year in the area of commercial, multifamily and residential real estate sales, finance, construction and development. Mckinney since graduating from Law school in 1996 to present, is the founder, President and CEO of McKinney Real Estate & Investment Co, where he as the broker along with his sales team have closed over $360 million in residential, multifamily and commercial real estate transactions...

Christopher Butler

Production Manager

Kendall Reese

Sales and Investor Relations Manager

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