Multifamily Commercial Real Estate Bridge lending is the core of DMAC Capital Funding's Business

DMAC Capital provides secure and transparent services for real estate investors and borrowers. Our team’s 28+ years of experience in real estate, finance, construction, and development allows us to help clients achieve their personal and financial goals, whether their aim is to execute an investment project or achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns on investable cash.


We provide an in-depth understanding of the real estate and investment industry so that investors may utilize this knowledge and expertise in order to seize potential opportunities and maximize their own capital returns.

We offer exciting investment opportunities, providing immediate income while considering investors’ long-term goals and targets. Along with receiving passive income with lower expenses and higher returns, investors will benefit from a margin of safety which may not exist in other real estate investment options.


Our knowledge and experience within the mortgage lending industry means we can offer a competitive advantage in today’s fast-paced real estate market. DMAC Capital provides timely analysis and decision-making on potential loans, offers certainty of funding, and looks at projects creatively.

Equipped with a deep and expansive understanding of Multifamily and residential real estate markets in Texas and the surrounding areas, DMAC Capital helps developers take advantage of opportunities to invest in both multifamily commercial and single-family residential properties. Whether they need funds for a fix and flip, rental, or commercial project, DMAC Capital takes the time to understand clients’ individual needs and project goals. After performing due diligence, DMAC Capital provides quick funding in order to capitalize on real estate borrowers’ visions and opportunities.

Management Team

DMAC Capital Funding’s seasoned management team possesses deeply-rooted Wall Street experts relationships from their careers in real estate investing and mortgage lending. The principals have over 40 years of collective experience building relationships with financial institution leaders and institutional and high-net-worth investors nationwide.

Danny Mckinney


Mckinney has been an entrepreneur for over 28 year in the area of commercial and residential real estate sales, finance, construction and development. Mckinney has started and successfully ran several businesses. From 1996 to present, Mckinney was the founder, President and CEO of McKinney Real Estate & Investment Co, where he as the broker along with his sales team have closed over $300 million in residential and commercial real estate transactions...

Christopher Butler

Production Manager

Eugene Samad

Sales and Investor Relations Manager

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